Ghost hunters are dared to explore Mansfield’s creepiest haunted venues

west cell block large(2)MANSFIELD, OH – Abandon all hope ye who enter Mansfield’s most haunted sites. Dignified as the Haunted Capital of Ohio, fall in Mansfield offers heart-stopping frights and eerie nights. Thrill-seekers and horror fans from around the globe have come to brave the five most haunted spots in the Midwest riddled with paranormal activity.

The most infamous site on any ghost hunter’s bucket list is the Ohio State Reformatory. Built in 1886, the daunting castle-like prison received notoriety as the backdrop of the Hollywood classic “The Shawshank Redemption” however something sinister lurked around the prison long before Morgan Freeman roamed the halls. Legends say that an old guard who was killed in solitary confinement still makes his rounds, jabbing visitors with his nightstick. There are various ways for visitors to experience the famous haunted prison first-hand, from two hour guided tours to private paranormal investigations. Every Halloween those who dare, are challenged to Escape from Blood Prison on Thursdays through Sunday nights starting on September 27th running through November 3rd.

At the Mansfield Fire Museum, strange happenings, such as a fire truck side mirror that appears to move on its own, has been experienced by both employees and visitors. Unexplained spin-chilling sounds when only one person is in the building, lights that flicker and shadowy figures of unknown people have been reported during paranormal investigations. Guests are welcome to schedule private paranormal investigations by calling (419) 564-5531.

Ghostly sightings also have been reported by staff and visitors alike at historic Malabar Farm State Park. Tales of flickering lights and appearances by the spirit of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and screenwriter Louis Bromfield – and his beloved bull dogs – intrigue ghost hunters. In addition to spirited visits by Mr. Bromfield, the farm is the final resting place for the entire Rose family who was brutally murdered by their daughter Ceely in the summer of 1896.

A gruesome murder in 1929 scarred the Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield, with ghost sightings and unexplainable occurrences taking place for nearly 100 years. The exquisite grand baroque style theatre creates a beautiful backdrop for chilling ghostly encounters. Disembodied voices, haunting laughter and eerie music have been heard echoing from the theatre—long after audiences have gone.

The Gill House was home to one of the area’s founding families, some believe their spirits still call the property home. Visitors and volunteers at the house have witnessed footsteps, laughter, physical contact, traveling shadows and full body apparitions. Tours of the house are regularly scheduled, although guests are welcome to proceed at their own risk on their paranormal investigations of the property.

A destination unlike any other, Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio offers unusual travel adventures and experiences, such as spending the night in a haunted former state prison where Hollywood blockbuster movies are shot, world-class motorsports, skiing, hiking, biking, golf, and loads of other outdoor adventures attract families and visitors of all ages.  Complete visitor information and free visitor guides are available at



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